Help children make their simple dreams come true: to become healthy. Every child is a small universe with its climate, features, and colors. And every child with a disease is like a destroyed universe hit by a terrible hurricane sweeping away everything in its path. We can only stop it by joint efforts. These children DO NEED our help!
“OUR WORLD” created the project “Simple Dreams” to help children overcome their illnesses. Children don’t mostly die of their illnesses; they die because their families don’t have the money to pay for their treatment. In our project, all children can be cured: we just need to raise the amount of money needed. It seems simple but for the time dramatically elapsing for each child who is in need of our donations. Don’t be indifferent! Hurry up to save their lives!

  • f3 Nina Nikolova 14 October 2013
    Thanks to all indifferent minds Nina heard the world! Nina celebrated her first Birthday in the hospital. During a year, ...
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  • DSC_7013480x480 Vova Shvachko 22 February 2013
        Thanks to your support an eye surgery was possible to be performed for both of Vova`s eyes. Surgeries ...
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  • Дима2-mini Dima Demchik 7 December 2012
      “OUR WORLD” found Dima in Mokrec village in a rehabilitation center, “Nadia”. Dima belongs to children with special needs ...
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  • bezugliy Dima Bezuglyi
      Fundraising is closed! Thanks to all concerned! The surgery is done successfully! Dima Bezuglyi needs a new spine. The ...
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  • IMG_16601 Galina Chug 5 December 2012
          Fundraising is closed! Thanks to all fascinated!Galina is healthy! Galina is being treated for acute leukemia. The ...
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